Dongguan COLDMAX Ltd.

About Us Currently, COLMDAX has 3 factories. Every year, we export about 100 sets vacuum cooler and other products to the world, especially USA, Canada, Russia, Europe and Mexico. In order to provide more convenient and quick response, we not only built a professional service team, but also have branch or partner globally. ◆ Headquarters: Dongguan COLDMAX LTD (China) ◆ USA Branch: COLDMAX USA Inc. (California) ◆ Mexico Branch: COLMDAX Mexico (Guanajuato) ◆ Russia Agent:

Hot Products

    • Ready Food Vacuum Cooling System

      Ready Food Vacuum Cooling System

      The vacuum cooler cools and stabilizes the rolls, pastries or baked food for further uses within several minutes. This process step simplifies the subsequent of logistics chain, improves product quality and oven efficiency, and extends product shelf life at the same time.

    • Vegetables Cold Storage

      Vegetables Cold Storage

      Storing fruits and vegetables can be a complicated task. It is therefore essential to follow the best low-temperature storage methods to ensure the life and quality of fruits and vegetables.

    • 4 Pallets Vegetable Vacuum Cooling Machine

      4 Pallets Vegetable Vacuum Cooling Machine

      The most direct advantage is the shelf life. The vacuum cooler extends the shelf life to 4-6 times. But for an ordinary cold room, this is twice the time.