10 Ton Ship Block Ice Machine

1. Cooling system type: brine / salt water cooling, not direct cooling
2. Refrigerant: R404a, R134a (other types can be selected)
3. Ice forming material: SUS304 stainless steel or galvanized steel
4. Ice weight: option, 5 kg / block, 10 kg / block, 25 kg / block, 50 kg / block or others
5. Power supply: 380V / 50Hz / 3P (or other 3 sets)
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Product Details

Block ice machine and application fields

The size of the block of ice made by the ice block machine is the largest in ice cream products. The smaller contact surface makes melting difficult. It can be crushed in different forms of ice block according to different requirements. The block of ice is widely used in the ice factory of ports and docks, preservation of water products, refrigeration, long distance transportation, food preservation, refrigeration in special areas, ice engraving, ice cream, etc.

COLDMAX Block ice machine features

◎ Separate structure design to save space, ease of movement and easy installation

◎ Adopted a superior international brand compressor, could use R404A, R134A and others refrigerant.

◎ Protection against voltage overload, automatic water filling.

◎ The size and capacity of the ice can be flexibly clad according to customer requirements.

◎ Operation safety operation, low risk and low cost and high performance

Model choose of COLDMAX Block ice machine


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