12 Ton Block Ice Machine with Storage

1. Cooling method: with air, water or evaporative cooling.
2. Brine cooling system (salt water cooling)
3. Refrigerant: R134a, R404a or other type (depends on the customer's decision)
4. Mold material: SUS304 stainless steel or galvanized steel.
5. Power Supply: 380V / 50Hz / 3P
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Product Details

COLDMAX Standard Ice block specification and cycle time:


Operation guidance of COLDMAX block ice machine

1. Adjust the machine. Prepare salt water as a secondary refrigerant in accordance with the user's manual. Pour water into ice molds. Turn on the machine.

2. After freezing the ice block, remove the ice forms and dip them in a container for thawing. Turn the ice molds up and pour the ice out of the molds. Take the ice blocks to the cold ice storage room.

3. Replace ice molds in machines. Fill them with water and start the second batch.

Block Ice Maker Applications

1. Port and dock or fishing boat ice installation.

2. Conservation of marine products.

3. Refrigerated and long-distance transport.

4. Food preservation

5. Blind on ice.

6. Edible ice

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