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A cold store essentially consists of several cold stores that are able to cool, freeze and store any perishable product.
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A cold store essentially consists of several cold stores that are able to cool, freeze and store any perishable product. For the successful construction of the refrigerating chamber, certain general conditions of the foundation must be observed: the choice of a site for easy access by road and rail; terrain with good mechanical strength and no problem of surface water; good supply of drinking and industrial water and electricity; drainage facilities. In addition, local availability of labor (technical staff, skilled maintenance workforce and general workers) should be examined.

Although the cooling chamber is, in fact, an area where products are stored, as well as a place for an engine room, it is obvious that additional space is needed: an office, a laboratory, utilities, toilets and a dressing room, a spare part room and a workshop, and materials.

Some other services can be found in the application for the refrigerator, such as cutting and boning, salting, meat production, packaging and sales office.

Before planning the refrigerator compartment, it is important to determine the operational and technical characteristics. They are strictly dependent on products, stores, storage conditions, the environment, energy and personnel.

The main characteristics of the operational programmer of the refrigerated storage (products, refrigerated and refrigerated storage, freezing and storing in frozen form, cutting, boning and packing, stocks, daily movements) include the total capacity, number and size of rooms, cooling system, storage and processing equipment access to objects.

The relative location of the various parts will determine the selected cooling system. The location of cold chambers should be determined after the dimensions become known, but, as a rule, they should be in the shadow of direct sunlight.

The land area should be large enough for the store, its extensions and platforms for traffic, parking and possible expansion in the future. Enough area is six to ten times the area of the covered surface.

There is a general trend towards the construction of single-storey cold rooms, despite the relatively high ratio of surface: volume, affecting heat loss. One story has many advantages: a lighter construction; span and height of the post can be increased; possible construction on soils with lower resistance; Internal mechanical transport easier. Machining with forklifts allows you to build warehouses at a great height, reducing construction costs for a given total volume.

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