Fireproof Cold Storage Room

The cold room is a widely used method for processing fresh produce in large quantities during production and sale
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The cold room is a widely used method for processing fresh produce in large quantities during production and sale. It's a way to keep fresh products in a fresh set for a long time by controlling temperature and humidity inside a storage system. Maintaining adequate low temperature is very important. Also, the relative humidity of the storage area should be kept at a height of 80-90% for most of the fresh food below which (or above) it would be detrimental to maintaining product quality Applies most fruits and vegetables have a very limited life after harvest if kept at normal harvest temperatures. Cooling after harvest quickly removes heat from the area, allowing for longer storage times. Proper post-harvest cooling allows you to:

◆ Reduce internal loss of moisture and relaxation.

◆ Delay or inhibit the growth of seborrheic microorganisms.

◆ Reduce production of natural curing agents, ethylene.

To maintain quality, post-harvest cooling also provides flexibility in marketing, allowing growers to sell products at the right time. Refrigeration and storage facilities eliminate the need to sell products immediately after harvest. This is an advantage for producers serving restaurants and grocery stores or small producers who want to pack a lot of lorries for shipping. Post-harvest cooling is essential for delivering high-quality products to the consumer. Depending on the nature of the product to be stored, it can be combined with storage in an environment with added carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, etc. Cryopreservation of dry / dry vegetables to maintain vitamin C, the storage temperature may vary depending on the storage period may be 0-10 ° C with a relative humidity of 80-80 ° C, storage period of 1 year or more. The cooling of 95% of fresh food has made significant progress in recent years, resulting in better preservation of aesthetic quality, decreased sepsis and longer life. These advances stem from the common action of physiologists to determine the amount of fruit and vegetables required and hence the refrigeration experts for the design and operation of the freezer.

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