12 Ton Fishery Flake Ice Maker

The COLDMAX seawater flake ice machine has two types of seawater flake ice machines and ocean flake ice machines.
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12 ton fishery flake ice maker brief description

The COLDMAX seawater flake ice machine has two types of seawater flake ice machines and ocean flake ice machines. A flake ice machine for land use of seawater is mainly suitable for land in coastal areas

Suitable for fishing vessels make ice directly with seawater. A sea ice flake ice machine designed by COLDMAX for environmental and coastal area application characteristics makes ice directly with seawater (or demineralized seawater).


1. Compact structure, small footprint.

2. Energy saving and environmental protection

3. The seawater condenser for seawater is adopted according to seawater cooling.

4. Water separators and waterways for ice making adopt anti-vibration design.

5. Integrated installation.

6. We use SUS304 material, rustproof aluminum alloy, special surface treatment alloy.



1. Reliable operation: It works in a constant and safe way under control of PLC system and also under self-protection which avoids shortage of supply water, high pressure / low pressure, overload of current, etc.

2. Rapid cooling: The COLDMAX ice machine has a large contact area and the evaporation temperature is below -20 ° C.

3. Cost and labor savings: COLDMAX ice machines require less mechanical and human work than ice blocks, and COLDMAX flake ice production does not require a defrost cycle.

4. Easier storage and distribution: Our flake ice is completely dry without free water, does not fuse quickly in storage containers or plugged screw conveyors.

5. Water saving: Since the flake ice machine COLDMAX recycles all thawed water to the ice machine, no water is wasted.

6. Easy installation: Users only connect water pipes and electricity. Meanwhile, the necessary parts and spare parts are provided together free of charge.


1. Supermarket, restaurant, fresh food

2. Aquatic products maintain cooling.

3. Fish, meat, vegetables, fruits

4. Concrete cooling.

5. Industrial use.

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