Advantages and disadvantages of vacuum cooling system

- Dec 19, 2020-

  • Advantages of vacuum cooling system:

Vacuum pre-cooling is actually a nationally required food processing process in developed countries. Its effect is quite obvious.

1. Vacuum pre-cooling can quickly extract heat without adding any medium, which is essential for food safety.

2. No living things in the vacuum state. Life needs air to maintain, and vacuum pre-cooling actually carried out an effective sterilization, and without the erosion of fungi, it actually reduced the corruption of fruits and vegetables. (Vacuum pre-cooling is not only suitable for fruits and vegetables but also for all other foods that require cooling, such as meat, fast food, cooked vegetables, bread, etc.)

3. Sleep effect. Life needs air to maintain, and so does plants. The plants after picking continue to grow and age. The vacuum pre-cooling can make fruits and vegetables achieve the effect of stopping aging.


4. Repair mechanical wounds. The mechanical wounds left by fruits and vegetables during harvesting and processing are rich in trace elements. After being in contact with air, fruits and vegetables quickly turn red, and fungi multiply quickly. After the vacuum pre-cooling, the moisture on the surface of the incision evaporates with the heat, the pores on the surface of the incision are reduced, and a dry film protective layer is formed on the surface. Thereby, the discoloration and decay of the incision are prevented to a large extent.

5. Evaporation of excess water. In the jargon of vegetable users, it is called pumping. Whether it is fruits or vegetables, the moisture on the surface of fruits and vegetables during long-distance transportation will produce bacteria and cause losses. The vacuum pre-cooling machine takes away the moisture on the surface of fruits and vegetables when the vacuum is drawn, without hurting the moisture in the body. Therefore, the fruits and vegetables after vacuum pre-cooling can be dry and tender. (If necessary, you can also turn on the humidification system to increase moisture during vacuum pre-cooling)

12 pallets vegetable vacuum cooler (2)

COLDMAX believes that vacuum pre-cooling is the ideal pre-cooling measure, but the prerequisite is to find a professional factory to purchase. Manager Fu can do this for you. Different vacuum pre-coolers can be designed under different actual conditions. For example, corn can achieve pre-cooling and weight gain functions, mushrooms can achieve pre-cooling and sweetening functions, treasure fruits can be equipped with gas sterilization functions, and so on. Vacuum pre-coolers can also be divided into single tank, dual tank, vehicle-mounted single tank, vehicle-mounted dual tank, and so on. They are all customized according to actual needs.

12 pallets vegetable vacuum cooler (1)

  • Disadvantages of vacuum precooling:

Large one-time investment. Therefore, when purchasing a vacuum precooler, you must customize a vacuum precooler of suitable size based on your own actual situation. Generally, the output is calculated by pre-cooling in half an hour.

  • Kind remind: 

The market of vacuum cooling machine is chaotic. The current pre-cooler market is mixed with good and bad. Consumers who do not know why are easily deceived by false propaganda, price traps, pirated pictures, and fancy rhetoric. COLDMAX is one of the first manufacturers in China to start manufacturing vacuum pre-cooling systems (since 2008), and has been focusing on it since then. It has successively obtained 10 related patents of vacuum pre-cooling, and cooperated with South China University of Technology to establish a school-enterprise joint construction, continuously reaching new heights of vacuum pre-cooling technology! Every year, COLDMAX provides dozens of hundreds of vacuum pre-cooling equipment to the market, and the proportion of domestic users is increasing day by day.