Basic Knowledge of Vacuum Pump Users May Concern (Oil Pump)

- Sep 16, 2019-

Vacuum pump plays one of the most importance role in the whole vacuum cooling system. There are different types of vacuum pump for different requirements and usage scenarios. On vacuum cooler, the widely used vacuum pump is single stage oil-sealed rotary vane type vacuum pump and roots vacuum pump. In this article, let’s introduce these 2 types of pump briefly one by one, and users can know the things they concern most about the vacuum pump.


Part A: single stage oil-sealed rotary vane type vacuum pump

vacuum pump cooling

Brief introduction:


The oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pump periodically absorbs the volume of the inlet port by gradually expanding the volume of the inlet port while rotating the rotor in the stator chamber equipped with the vacuum pump oil, and gradually reduces the volume on the side of the exhaust port to compress the inhaled gas. And evacuate from the exhaust port to obtain a vacuum. Therefore, the cavity, rotor and real working conditions and working environment, the appropriate vacuum pump oil and key component replacement cycle is developed to ensure high-quality operation of the vacuum pump. Special attention should also be paid to the rotor and the cavity during maintenance.



The quality of the empty pump oil determines the performance of the vacuum pump. In the daily use process, it is necessary to pay close attention to the quality of the vacuum pump oil. 

Hence, the regular maintenance is to change the vacuum pump oil when the oil is emulsified or the oil color is deeper than 4.0 (please check the following color bar).

 color bar

The maintenance is easy and spare parts are easy to get (if the local is not available for these filters and oil, we can send to you certainly). Users are suggested to do it by themselves under our guidance, or can invite local technician to do it.


Note: Usually, the oil-sealed pump we use on vacuum cooling machine is Germany Leybold brand SV-300B, or Germany BUSH brand RA 0302 D.


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