Brief Introduction of Scroll Compressors

- Nov 16, 2020-

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The scroll compressor was first born in 1905 and was invented by French engineer Leon Creux. Due to the limitations of processing technology, mass production began in the early 1980s. In 1973, the American ADL. The company put forward a research report on scroll nitrogen compressors and proved that scroll compressors have incomparable advantages that other compressors have, so that the large-scale engineering development and research of scroll compressors has embarked on a rapid development path.

Scroll compressor is a kind of positive displacement compressor, the compression part is composed of movable scroll and static scroll. It includes many structural features to reduce the entrainment of oil by splitting the flow of gas through the compressor housing.

After entering the shell, some gas flows upward to reduce the amount of gas flowing downward toward the oil. In order to achieve this, the motor of the compressor may be surrounded by a sleeve having upper and lower holes for guiding the airflow to the coils of the upper and lower stator ends of the motor. In some embodiments, the suction inlet is importantly positioned relative to the two gas passages between the stator and the motor housing. The location of the inlet allows a channel to receive the incoming gas and divide the flow into two opposite directions, upward and downward. The other channels only convey gas upward. In addition, the suction baffle, the diffuser, the streamlined balance weight and the suction pipe oil trap can also contribute to the separation of gas and oil or minimize the entrained oil.



1. There is no reciprocating mechanism, so the structure is simple, small in size, light in weight, few parts (especially few wearing parts), and high reliability;

2. Small torque change, high balance, low vibration, stable operation, easy operation and easy automation;

3. It has a high efficiency within its adapted refrigeration capacity range;

4. Low noise.

 Danfoss Scroll Compressor


1. The surfaces of the moving parts are mostly curved. The processing and inspection of these curved surfaces are complicated, and some require special equipment, so the manufacturing cost is relatively high.

2. Between the moving parts or between the moving parts and the fixed parts, sealing is often achieved by maintaining a certain movement gap. Gas passing through the gap is bound to cause leakage, which limits the difficulty of the rotary compressor to achieve greater compression Compared with, therefore, most rotary compressors are used in air-conditioning conditions.

3. High sealing requirements and complicated sealing structure.