Brine Cooling System and Direct Cooling System for Block Ice Machine

- Oct 01, 2019-

The ice block maker is one of the ice makers. The ice blocks produced are the largest in size and have a small contact area with the outside world and are not easily melted. It can be pulverized into various forms of ice according to different requirements. Suitable for ice sculpture, ice storage, sea fishing, etc. It can be used in all places where ice is used after crushing. However, after the ice is crushed, it will partially melt and the amount of ice will be lost. Ice blocks can be divided into transparent ice blocks, milky white ice blocks and colored ice blocks.

Based on the cooling way, block ice machine is divided into 2 types:direct cooling Block Ice Macine and brine cooling type block ice machine.


Direct cooling block ice making machine working principle:

The direct cooling (direct ice making) ice block machine uses an aluminum plate as an evaporator, and directly exchanges heat between the refrigerant and water to freeze the water in the ice bucket into ice. The automated de-icing system heats the inner wall of the ice bucket by hot fluorine, so that the ice blocks fall off in batches.

Brine cooling type block ice machine working principle:

The brine indirect block ice machine uses brine as a medium for heat exchange. The water in the ice bucket is frozen into ice by the temperature drop of the brine, and the size of the ice block is adjusted according to the size of the ice bucket. The method of de-icing requires driving the ice bucket to hoist it into the ice-melting pool, and the ice surface melts, and the ice blocks are poured out through the ice shelf.


Comparasion of these 2 types block ice machine:

Brine CoolingDirect Cooling
Technicial info.Stability


7/24 running


Frequent fault, high rate of refrigerant leakage
ApplicationAll, especially suitable for big capSmall model (≤20Tons/day)
Ice output efficiencyQuick, and continuous

Quicker in the first 3 months.

But after that, it will slow down quickly (Because compressor oil adheres to the surface of aluminum tubes, which will stop heat exchange)
Ice QualityHigh hardness, hard to meltSoft ice, easy to melt. Especially the core for big block ice (≥50kg/block)
Cost / Investment
Initial investmentLowHigh
Maintenance costLowHigh
Power consumptionLower (30-40% less than direct colingHigh

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