Characteristics of Vacuum Precooling

- Jun 10, 2019-

The vacuum pre-cooler is not a refrigerating device, but a cooling processing device, which is a cooling device before the product is placed in the storage room or placed on the shelf. The physiological changes of the product after cooling are slowed down, which can prolong the storage period or shelf life of the product. The vacuum pre-cooler is designed with low boiling point and low evaporation heat. Its main features are as follows:

1. Cooling speed: 20-30 minutes to reach the required refrigerating temperature.

2. Cooling evenly: Free water vaporization on the surface of the product takes away its own heat for cooling purposes, achieving uniform cooling from the inside to the outside.

3. Clean and hygienic: Under vacuum, it can sterilize or inhibit bacterial growth and prevent cross-contamination.

4. Thin layer drying effect: It has the unique effect of curing the epidermal damage or inhibiting expansion of fresh-keeping materials.

5. Not subject to packaging restrictions: As long as the package has air holes, it can be evenly cooled.

6. High freshness: It can keep the original color, fragrance and taste of food and extend the shelf life.

7. High degree of automation: The pressure sensor can be used to control the pressure of the refrigeration system and the vacuum system. It is convenient to adjust the vacuum of the vacuum pre-cooler and can be remotely controlled to facilitate monitoring of equipment operation and quick resolution of equipment failure.

8. Highly accurate: equipped with precision digital display temperature and humidity controller to accurately control vacuum and humidity.

9. Safe and stable: The electrical part adopts famous brand products to ensure the stable and long life of the machine and safe operation.