Classification of cold storage room

- Nov 20, 2020-

Cold storage is usually divided into three types based on target room temperature: high temperature, medium & low temperature and ultra-low temperature. Different products require different room temperatures.


1. High temperature cold storage

The high-temperature cold storage is what we call the refrigerated and fresh-keeping cold storage, the temperature is usually above 0 ℃, usually used to store fruits and vegetables, eggs, medicinal materials, wood preservation, dryness, etc. The temperature is usually around 0°C, and the air cooler is used for air cooling.

2. Medium and low temperature cold storage

The medium and low temperature cold storage is the high temperature freezing cold storage, the temperature is usually within -18, mainly used to store meat, water products and products suitable for this temperature scale.

3. Low temperature cold storage

Low-temperature cold storage, usually the storage temperature is about -20°C~-30°C, and the food is frozen by air coolers or special freezing equipment.

4. Ultra-low temperature cold storage

Ultra-low temperature cold storage, cold storage ≤ -30℃, is mainly used for quick-frozen food, industrial experiments, medical and other special uses. Compared with the above three types, the applications on the market need to be slightly smaller.


Medium-temperature cold storage usually uses 100MM thick cold storage board, and low-temperature storage and frozen storage usually use 120MM or 150MM thick storage board. The foaming density of cold storage board is 38KG-40KG/cubic meter per cubic meter according to national standards.


The selection of cold storage boards is very important for cold storage. Because cold storage is different from other warehouses, cold storage has high environmental requirements such as temperature and humidity. Therefore, when choosing the cold storage panels, we should pay attention to the raw materials and heat preservation strength of the board. Choosing the right board can protect the cold storage very well.

 cold room sandwich panel