Correct preservation method of vegetable preservation

- Jun 30, 2019-

Vegetables are bought back for vertical rather than flat, and the vegetables placed vertically are strong, and chlorophyll, water content, vitamins, etc. are better preserved than flat. Vegetables should not be cut and stored. After the vegetables are cut, the nutrients will be quickly lost, and they will be easily oxidized. At the same time, the chance of microbial invasion will increase, which will easily cause deterioration and decay. Kuhua refrigeration vegetable cold storage construction.

It is not appropriate to store different vegetables in a cold storage, because each vegetable has different requirements for temperature and humidity. Such as cucumber, bitter gourd, cowpea, pumpkin and other wet vegetables, suitable for storage in the environment of about 10 ° C, but not lower than 8 ° C; most leaves are cool, suitable for storage in the environment of 0 ° C to 5 ° C, but Can not be lower than 0 °C.

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Vegetables should be stored at a humidity of about 85%. Vegetables such as garlic, green onions and onions should be stored in a dry environment with low humidity. When storing vegetables, you can choose a thinner fresh-keeping bag, put the fresh vegetables in the fresh-keeping bag, and use the needle to tie 6 small holes in the bag, then seal the plastic bag. Store in a refrigerator at a suitable temperature. Be sure to remember that the food you bought should be packed into a non-toxic and harmless food bag.

Spinach, sage, cabbage and other leafy vegetables: first spray water on the leaves, then wrap it in a newspaper, then put it in the refrigerator freezer, the roots are placed upright. This can be used to ensure that the moisture of the vegetables is not lost, and it can prevent moisture and decay. Broccoli: After cutting into small pieces, the water is slightly boiled. After draining, put it in a plastic bag and put it into the freezer to freeze. Note that broccoli can't be too hot, otherwise it may rot.