Features of scroll compressor

- Nov 18, 2020-

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a) Outstanding low temperature performance, high efficiency and energy saving (high volumetric efficiency): In medium and low temperature applications, the volumetric efficiency is more than 30% higher than that of the traditional piston machine.

b) Beautiful appearance, outdoor installation, space saving: compact system design, easy to install and maintain; remove the computer room, save floor space and save rent

copeland compressor

c) Smooth operation, low noise and vibration, reduce the impact on the environment.

d) The unique design of scroll compressor makes it an energy-saving compressor in the world today. The main operating part of the scroll compressor is only dirty and not worn, so it has a longer life and is known as a maintenance-free compressor. The scroll compressor runs smoothly, has low vibration, and has a quiet working environment. It is also known as the "hyperstatic compressor". The scroll compressor has the advantages of novel and precise structure, small size, low noise, light weight, low vibration, low energy consumption, long life, continuous and stable gas transmission, reliable operation and clean air source. Known as the "New Revolutionary Compressor" and "No Maintenance Compressor", it is an ideal power source for pneumatic machinery, widely used in industries such as industry, agriculture, transportation, medical equipment, food decoration and textiles and other occasions where compressed air is required.


e) A scroll compressor, comprising: a drive shaft that can rotate clockwise or counterclockwise and has an eccentric part of a predetermined size; a cylinder that forms an internal volume of a predetermined size; and a roller that contacts the inner peripheral surface of the cylinder , And can be rotatably installed on the outer circumferential surface of the eccentric part, can roll along the inner circumferential surface, and together with the inner circumferential surface form a fluid chamber for fluid suction and compression; the blades are elastically installed on the cylinder to make It is in continuous contact with the roller; the upper and lower bearings are respectively installed on the upper and lower parts of the cylinder to rotatably support the above-mentioned drive shaft and close the internal volume; the oil flow path is set between the bearing and the drive shaft, and Make the organic oil flow evenly between them; the discharge port, they are connected to the fluid chamber; the suction port, they are connected to the fluid chamber, and are separated from each other at a predetermined angle; the valve assembly, which is selected according to the rotation direction of the drive shaft Sexually open one of the suction ports.