How to preservative treatment of fruits and vegetables fresh produce

- Jun 30, 2019-

The fruit is stored in a fresh-keeping bag. The principle of fruit preservation is to reduce the concentration of oxygen, increase the concentration of carbon dioxide, and make the fruits and vegetables in a dormant state and prolong the storage period. However, the storage time should not be too long. Long-term storage of fruits and vegetables requires the use of fresh vegetables and cold storage for storage.

Most of the edible agricultural products are fresh foods, which are placed for too long, produce odor and peroxide, and have carcinogenic effects. The food is not stored in the refrigerator and will still be spoiled and spoiled, but the speed is slowed down. Therefore, in order to prevent the invasion of microorganisms, food must be preserved.

flower storage cold room (2)

Anti-corrosion and preservation of agricultural products is a process of prolonging the life of products and controlling the rate of decay through different techniques of sterilization, sterilization, anti-bacteria and anti-bacteria. The higher the commodity rate, the wider the application of antisepsis and preservation technology. For example, if the vegetable is harvested, it is still a living organism, although it leaves the plant or soil. The most important feature is that it still carries vigorous respiratory metabolism to maintain its The energy required for life activities and the substances required for various metabolisms. Fruit and vegetable storage and preservation is to maintain the "young" state of fruits and vegetables and to delay the maturity and aging by controlling the storage environment conditions and using various auxiliary preservation measures.

The temperature-controlled storage and preservation method can be subdivided into simple storage and preservation, cold storage and preservation of frozen fruit and vegetable storage and preservation. Buried, stowed, hoarded, and ventilated storage are simple storage methods. The use of chilled fruits is higher than the freezing point of fruit tissues, reducing the respiratory metabolism of fruits, the incidence of pathogens and the rate of decay of fruits. Realize fruit storage and preservation. It is the main form of modern fruit storage.