Installation requirements for energy-saving cold room

- Jun 15, 2019-

Energy-saving and environmental protection is the direction of future industry development. The refrigeration industry should also quickly embark on the development of energy-saving and environmental protection. The automatic control system of refrigeration depot with new technology is an effective way to achieve the goal of energy saving and environmental protection. Fully automatic control system can effectively avoid irregular behavior in the process of manual operation, and can effectively avoid unnecessary energy waste. This system will automatically adjust the operation of equipment, the flow rate of refrigerant and the flow rate of refrigerant according to the pre-set temperature of each warehouse. Moreover, the manual switch can be set locally during the use of the system, which is convenient for maintenance and repair.

The automatic control system also has certain requirements for the specifications of the equipment in the use process. Firstly, the equipment and components used in the design of the electrical system must conform to the Chinese or international power supply standards, and other equipment should be strictly controlled and selected. The working principle of the automatic control system is as follows:

1. The refrigeration compressor in the cold storage can start and stop automatically according to the relevant requirements set by the refrigeration equipment, and it does not need complicated manual control.

2. All kinds of metal conductors used in cold storage should be copper-cored conductors that meet the standard of cold storage, and aluminum-cored conductors should not be used.

3. Temperature measurement points in refrigeration storage should be placed in representative positions.

4. Warehouse temperature measuring instruments: warehouse temperature controller with microprocessor, digital thermometer, each cold storage is controlled separately.

5. The electric switch set in the storehouse should be installed in a convenient and safe position, and should be equipped with a protective cover.

6. All electrical circuits in the cold storage must be equipped with necessary protective devices. For different electrical equipment, different electrical protection devices should be installed, such as lighting power and low voltage safe voltage electric heating device. When installing corresponding protective devices, we should not speculate in order to simplify the workload. In order to ensure the safety of electrical equipment and people, we should not simplify them. The automatic protection device of refrigeration compressor group should be installed perfectly according to the use voltage and current of compressor, so compressor should be equipped with perfect automatic protection device such as high voltage, low voltage, differential pressure, overload current, undervoltage, overvoltage and phase break.