Introduce of Fresh Vegetables and Fruits Precooling Technologies (5/6)

- Dec 13, 2020-

4. Differential pressure pre-cooling

The pressure difference pre-cooling is to erect a partition on the side of the product stack close to the cooler, and a fan is installed under the partition. The rotation of the fan creates a pressure difference between the inside and outside of the partition. A cover is set on the product stack, one side of the cover is tightly connected with the partition board, so that cold air cannot pass from the top of the product stack, but flows through the gaps or holes of the package in the horizontal direction to take away the heat. The differential pressure fan is a multi-blade axial flow fan with a high pressure head. It adopts a suction air flow method, so the air flow in the library is uniform and there is no dead angle.

The advantage of differential pressure precooling is that its cost is not much higher than that of cold storage, but its efficiency is 4-6 times that of cold storage.

forced-air cooling for fruits

COLDMAX believes that differential pressure pre-cooling is simply an enhanced version of cold storage cold air. This strong pressure difference and strong wind also caused certain damage to the surface of fruits and vegetables. In particular, the fragility of the leaf surface of leafy vegetables, and the shrinking sensation exhibited after the pressure difference pre-cooling seriously affects the quality of leafy vegetables. Moreover, the pressure difference pre-cooling takes away not only the moisture on the surface of the fruits and vegetables, but the strong pressure difference takes away the moisture in the fruits and vegetables through the pores, which makes the fruit or vegetable body easily dehydrated.

forced-air cooling for vegetables