Maintenance of Cold Room Equipment

- Jun 15, 2019-

After the cold storage is installed or used again after long-term deactivation, the speed of cooling should be reasonable: it should be controlled at 8-10 °C every day, and should be kept at 0 °C for a while. Cold storage library board maintenance, pay attention to the use of hard objects on the collision and scratching of the library

Because it can cause the depression and rust of the plate, it will seriously reduce the local insulation performance of the library.

The cold storage seal is maintained. Since the assembled cold storage is made up of several insulation boards, there is a certain gap between the plates. These gaps will be sealed with sealant during construction to prevent air and moisture from entering.

Therefore, some parts of the seal failure are repaired in time.

Cold storage floor maintenance, general use of small-scale assembly cold storage floor insulation board, when using cold storage manufacturers should prevent a lot of ice and water on the ground, if there is ice, do not use hard objects to knock when cleaning, damage the ground