Meat storage temperature range

- Jul 05, 2019-

The temperature range of meat preservation warehouse is generally - 18 ~23 C and 0~5 C. There are also - 35 C cryogenic warehouses. Meat preservation warehouses are mainly divided into these kinds according to the quality and types of meat. Common frozen meat uses - 18 ~23 C, cold meat generally uses 0~5 C storage, some beef, tuna and so on all use cryogenic cold storage. Only in this way can the quality of beef and tuna be guaranteed.

Meat cold storage (2)(001)

Attention should be paid to the construction of meat preservation warehouse:

1. Meat cold storage should be made of colored steel plate and stainless steel plate, which are non-toxic, tasteless, non-rusty and can reduce heat transfer caused by internal and external temperature difference, so as to achieve high efficiency of refrigeration and refrigeration system and symbolize national health standards.

2. Meat cold storage should adopt advanced composite material as insulation material to make composite board wall. It has light weight, high strength, good thermal insulation, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, moth resistance, non-toxicity and mildew resistance. It can show its superiority at ultra-low temperature.

3. Meat cold storage should be energy-saving and low noise. Imported or domestic refrigeration compressors can be selected with low energy consumption and low noise.

4. Microcomputer automatic digital display electric controller, automatic constant temperature, meat cold storage without manual operation.