Notes for Flake ice machine

- Jul 16, 2019-

1. To ensure safety, it is not allowed to directly press the ice block for cutting.

2. Every time you use it, you must clean it. When cleaning, turn off the main power switch, unplug the plug, and then wipe the water on the machine with a clean towel. After cleaning, remember to lift the handle of the press cover.

3. Do not use detergent when cleaning to prevent contamination caused by detergent left on the machine. It is also not possible to rinse directly with water to prevent the electrical components from getting wet, which may affect the safe use and damage to the unit.

4. The temporary design rate of the motor design of this machine is 80%, and it is necessary to avoid long-term continuous operation. After working for one hour in a row, you should pause for twenty minutes before starting work. This will greatly extend the life of the motor.

5. Whether it is cleaning, repairing, replacing the blade or cleaning the ice residue, etc., the power should be turned off first, and the power plug should be unplugged; the machine is not allowed to run for a long time without load.