PU Sandwich Panel or Mineral Wool Sandwich Panel?

- Sep 12, 2019-

As 2 usual heat insulating material, what’s the difference between polyurethane (PU) and mineral wood? Which one is suitable for me? What’s their characters? Which has cheaper price? This article will answer these questions in different aspects, including service life, heat conductivity performance, Inflaming Retarding and other characters.

Mineral wood panels

Panel TypeInflaming Retarding PUMineral woolNote
Service Life≥30 years3-5 yearsNote 1
Heat conductivity coefficient0.018~0.024 w/(m.k)≤0.040 w/(m.k)Note 2
Density42kg/CBM120kg/CBMNote 3
Inflaming RetardingYes (A Level)Yes (B1 Level)Note 4
Other characters



No water-proof, 

No moisture-proof

Note 5
PriceHigher than Mineral wool
Note 6
  • Note 1: This is decided by the   material and structure of the mineral wool;

  • Note 2: PU panels has the best heat-insulating   property during all the heat-insulating materials. Better  heat-insulating property means less power   consumption for the cold room;

  • Note 3: Lighter density makes   the cold room more stable, and easier installation;

  • Note 4: Mineral wool has better Inflaming Retarding character than Inflaming   Retarding PU;

  • Note 5: The service   life will be shorten when the mineral wool get wet, especially when the  panels are used for rooms whose target temperature are lower than 0℃ (Water vapor   in the air will become liquid water when it touches the surface of the panel,   and the liquid water will be absorbed by the panels little by little. This   will leads to 2 results: Poorer and poorer heat insulation ability and   heavier and heavier panel weight)

  • Note 6: We’ll not   charge extra cost if you agree to choose Inflaming Retarding PU panels;

PU cold room panels

PU panels are being used all over the world (Europe, America, Canada, Mexico, and Asia).

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