Basic Knowledge of Vacuum Pump Users May Concern (Roots Pump)

- Sep 23, 2019-

Vacuum pump plays one of the most importance role in the whole vacuum cooling system. There are different types of vacuum pump for different requirements and usage scenarios. On vacuum cooler, the widely used vacuum pump is single stage oil-sealed rotary vane type vacuum pump and roots vacuum pump. In this article, let’s introduce these 2 types of pump briefly one by one, and users can know the things they concern most about the vacuum pump.


Part B: Roots vacuum pump

 vacuum pump

The Roots vacuum pump is a variable-capacity vacuum pump equipped with two leaf-shaped rotors rotating in opposite directions in opposite directions, with small gaps between the rotors and the inner wall of the pump casing and not touching each other.

  • The Roots pump is a vacuum pump without internal compression. Usually, the compression ratio is very low, so the high and medium vacuum pumps need the fore-pump (In our vacuum cooling system, we use water ring pump as the fore-pump).

  • A vacuum pump that realizes pumping by moving a gas by a pressing action of a pair of leaf-shaped rotors in a pump chamber in synchronization and reverse rotation.

  • The Roots vacuum pump is a mechanical vacuum pump with a pair of synchronous high-speed rotating sole-shaped rotors. The pump cannot be pumped separately. The front stage needs to be equipped with an oil seal, a water ring, etc

roots pump_副本

The Roots vacuum pump features fast start-up, low power consumption, low operating and maintenance costs, high pumping speed, high efficiency, and is insensitive to small amounts of water vapor (that means a lot, since the vacuum chamber is full of vapor when vacuum cooling) and dust contained in the pumped gas.

roots vacuum pump

More important is that the roots pump we use for our vacuum cooling system basically no need to maintain all the year round (maintenance-less vacuum pump, or maintenance-free). The only thing user shall pay attention is to change the lubricating oil every 3-5 years per time.


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