The significance and effect of pre-cooling fruits and vegetables

- Jun 10, 2019-

Fruits and vegetables are filled with water, and the temperature in the post-harvest season is high. The heat in the field is not easy to escape. In addition, the respiratory activity is high and the respiratory heat is accumulated. After harvesting, it becomes the fastest period of deterioration. The development of modern agriculture can adopt pre-cooling and preservation of fruits and vegetables.

Pre-cooling meaning of fruits and vegetables

Due to the high calorific value of fruits and vegetables after harvest, the cooling of the storage will greatly increase the thermal load of the cold storage facilities, making it unbearable. After pre-cooling, the product is obviously cooled, and then stored in the warehouse, which can quickly reach storage temperature. Therefore, pre-cooling is the first link in the circulation of cold chain. It is also the key to the success of the entire cold chain technology connection.

Pre-cooling follows the principle

1. Pre-cooling treatment should be carried out as soon as possible after picking, and the best pre-cooling method should be selected according to the type and characteristics of fruits and vegetables. The amount of pre-cooling should be appropriate, and it should be reasonably packaged and palletized to bring the product to the temperature required for pre-cooling as soon as possible.

2, the final temperature of pre-cooling should be appropriate, generally the refrigerating temperature of various fruits and vegetables is the approximate standard of pre-cooling final temperature. It is also possible to appropriately adjust the final temperature according to the perishability of the product in the length of the sales time, and the pre-cooling should take care to prevent chilling and freezing damage of the product.

3. Immediately after pre-cooling, the product should be stored in a refrigerator or refrigerated truck that has been adjusted to a good temperature.