Voltage and Frequency of 3 Phases Electricity of the World

- Apr 01, 2021-

Although single-phase power is more common today, three-phase power is still chosen as the power source of choice for many different types of applications. The generator of the power station provides three-phase electricity. This is a way to provide three times the power along three wires, and power can be supplied through two wires without having to increase the thickness of the wires. It is commonly used in industry to drive motors and other equipment.


In its essence, three-phase electricity is smoother than single-phase or two-phase electricity. It is this more consistent power that allows machines to operate more efficiently and have a longer life than related machines operating in other stages. Some applications can work with three-phase power, but these methods are not suitable for single-phase power at all.


Please note that since three-phase electricity is rarely used for household purposes, the following table is only relevant for electricians, electrical engineers and other technicians. 

Country/Area/City3 phases power
(Industry type)



Qty. of Cable

(Exclude GND)

Abu Dhabi400 V50Hz3,4
Afghanistan380 V50Hz4
Albania400 V50Hz4
Algeria400 V50Hz4
American Samoa208 V60Hz3,4
Andorra400 V50Hz3,4
Angola380 V50Hz4
Anguilla120/208 V60Hz3,4
127/220 V
240/415 V
Antigua and Barbuda400 V60Hz3,4
Argentina380 V50Hz3,4
Armenia400 V50Hz4
Australia400 V50Hz3,4
Austria400 V50Hz3,4
Azerbaijan380 V50Hz4
Azores400 V50Hz3,4
Bahamas208 V60Hz3,4
Bahrain400 V50Hz3,4
Balearic Islands400 V50Hz3,4
Bangladesh380 V50Hz3,4
Barbados200 V50Hz3,4
Belarus380 V50Hz4
Belgium400 V50Hz3,4
Belize190 V60Hz3,4
380 V
Benin380 V50Hz4
Bermuda208 V60Hz3,4
Bhutan400 V50Hz4
Bolivia400 V50Hz4
Bosnia and Herzegovina400 V50Hz4
Botswana400 V50Hz4
Brazil220/380 V60Hz3,4
The British Virgin Islands190 V60Hz3,4
Brunei415 V50Hz4
Bulgaria400 V50Hz4
Burkina Faso380 V50Hz4
Myanmar400 V50Hz4
Burundi380 V50Hz4
Cambodia400 V50Hz4
Cameroon380 V50Hz4
Canada120/208 V60Hz3,4
 240 V
 480 V
 347/600 V
Canary Islands400 V50Hz3,4
Cape Verde400 V50Hz3,4
Cayman Islands240V60Hz3
Central African Republic380 V50Hz4
Chad380 V50Hz4
Channel Islands (Guernsey and   Jersey)400 V50Hz4
Chile380 V50Hz3,4
People's Republic of China380 V50Hz3,4
Colombia220 V60Hz3,4
440 V
Comoros380 V50Hz4
Democratic Republic of the Congo   (Congo-Kinshasa)380 V50Hz3,4
Republic of the Congo   (Congo-Brazzaville)400 V50Hz3,4
Island415 V50Hz3,4
Costa Rica240V60Hz3,4
Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)380 V50Hz3,4
Croatia400 V50Hz4
Cuba190 V60Hz3
440 V
Curacao220 V50Hz3,4
380 V
Cyprus400 V50Hz4
Czechia 400 V50Hz3,4
Denmark400 V50Hz3,4
Djibouti380 V50Hz4
Dominica400 V50Hz4
Dominican   Republic120/208 V60Hz3,4
277/480 V
Dubai400 V50Hz3,4
East Timor380 V50Hz4
Ecuador208 V60Hz3,4
Egypt380 V50Hz3,4
Salvador200 V60Hz3
United Kingdom400 V50Hz4
Equatorial GuineaNULLNULLNULL
Eritrea400 V50Hz4
Estonia400 V50Hz4
Ethiopia380 V50Hz4
Faroe Islands400 V50Hz3,4
Falkland Islands415 V50Hz4
Fiji415 V50Hz3,4
Finland400 V50Hz3,4
France400 V50Hz4
French Guiana380 V50Hz3,4
Gabon (Gabonese Republic)380 V50Hz4
Gambia400 V50Hz4
Gaza400 V50Hz4
Georgia380 V50Hz4
Germany400 V50Hz4
Ghana400 V50Hz3,4
Gibraltar400 V50Hz4
United Kingdom (GB)400 V50Hz4
Greece400 V50Hz4
Greenland400 V50Hz3,4
Grenada400 V50Hz4
Guadeloupe400 V50Hz3,4
Guam190 V60Hz3,4
Guatemala208 V60Hz3,4
Guinea380 V50Hz3,4
Guinea-Bissau380 V50Hz3,4
Guyana190 V60Hz3,4
Haiti190 V60Hz3,4
Netherlands400 V50Hz3,4
Honduras208 V60Hz3,4
230 V
240 V
460 V
480 V
Hong Kong380 V50Hz3,4
Hungary400 V50Hz3,4
Iceland400 V50Hz3,4
India400 V50Hz4
Indonesia400 V50Hz4
Iran400 V50Hz3,4
Iraq400 V50Hz4
Republic of Ireland (Ireland)400 V50Hz4
Ireland, North400 V50Hz4
Isle of Man400 V50Hz4
Israel400 V50Hz4
Italy400 V50Hz4
Jamaica190 V50Hz3,4
Japan200 V50 Hz / 60 Hz3
Jordan400 V50Hz3,4
Kazakhstan380 V50Hz3,4
Kenya415 V50Hz4
South Korea, North380 V50Hz3,4
South Korea, South380 V60Hz4
Kosovo230 V50Hz3
400 V
Kuwait415 V50Hz4
Kyrgyzstan380 V50Hz3,4
Laos400 V50Hz4
Latvia400 V50Hz4
Lebanon400 V50Hz4
Lesotho380 V50Hz4
Liberia208 V60Hz3,4
Libya400 V50Hz4
Liechtenstein400 V50Hz4
Lithuania400 V50Hz4
Luxembourg400 V50Hz4
Macao380 V50Hz3
Macedonia, North400 V50Hz4
Madagascar380 V50Hz3,4
Madeira400 V50Hz3,4
Malawi400 V50Hz3,4
Malaysia415 V50Hz4
Maldives400 V50Hz4
Mali380 V50Hz3,4
Malta400 V50Hz4
Marshall IslandsNULLNULLNULL
Martinique380 V50Hz3,4
Mauritius400 V50Hz4
Mexico220 V60Hz3,4
480 V
Federated States of MicronesiaNULLNULLNULL
Moldova400 V50Hz4
Monaco400 V50Hz4
Mongolia400 V50Hz4
Montenegro400 V50Hz3,4
Montserrat400 V60Hz4
Morocco380 V50Hz4
Mozambique380 V50Hz4
Myanmar (formerly Myanmar)400 V50Hz4
Namibia380 V50Hz4
Nauru415 V50Hz4
Nepal400 V50Hz4
Netherlands400 V50Hz3,4
New Caledonia380 V50Hz3,4
new Zealand400 V50Hz3,4
Nicaragua208 V60Hz3,4
Niger380 V50Hz4
Nigeria415 V50Hz4
Northern Ireland400 V50Hz4
North Korea380 V50Hz3,4
North Macedonia400 V50Hz4
Norway230 V50Hz3,4
400 V
Oman415 V50Hz4
Pakistan400 V50Hz3
Palau208 V60Hz3
Papua New Guinea415 V50Hz4
Paraguay380 V50Hz4
Philippines380 V60Hz3
Pitcairn IslandsNULLNULLNULL
Poland400 V50Hz4
Portugal400 V50Hz3,4
Puerto Rico480V60Hz3,4
Qatar415 V50Hz3,4
reunion400 V50Hz4
Romania400 V50Hz4
Russia (officially the Russian   Federation)380 V50Hz4
Rwanda400 V50Hz4
Saint Barthelemy (also informally   known as Saint Barthes or Saint Barthes)NULLNULLNULL
Saint Kitts and Nevis (officially   the Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis)400 V60Hz4
Saint Lucia400 V50Hz4
Sint Eustatius220V60Hz3,4
Saint Martin220V60Hz3,4
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines400 V50Hz4
Samoa400 V50Hz3,4
San Marino400 V50Hz4
Sao Tome and Principe400 V50Hz3,4
Saudi Arabia400 V60Hz4
Scotland400 V50Hz4
Senegal400 V50Hz3,4
Serbia400 V50Hz3,4
Sierra Leone400 V50Hz4
Singapore400 V50Hz4
Slovakia400 V50Hz4
Slovenia400 V50Hz3,4
Somalia380 V50Hz3,4
Somaliland380 V50Hz3,4
South Africa400 V50Hz3,4
Korea380 V60Hz4
South Sudan400 V50Hz4
Spain400 V50Hz3,4
Sri Lanka400 V50Hz4
Sudan400 V50Hz4
Suriname220 V60Hz3,4
400 V
Swaziland400 V50Hz4
Sweden400 V50Hz3,4
Switzerland400 V50Hz3,4
Syria380 V50Hz3
Tahiti380 V50 Hz / 60 Hz3,4
Tajikistan380 V50Hz3
Tanzania415 V50Hz3,4
Thailand400 V50Hz3,4
Togo380 V50Hz4
Tonga415 V50Hz3,4
Trinidad   and Tobago115/230 V60Hz4
230/400 V
Tunisia400 V50Hz4
Turkey400 V50Hz3,4
Turkmenistan380 V50Hz3
Turks and Caicos Islands240V60Hz4
Uganda415 V50Hz4
Ukraine400 V50Hz4
United Arab Emirates (UAE)400 V50Hz3,4
United Kingdom (UK)400 V50Hz4
United   States of America (USA)120/208 V60Hz3,4
277/480 V
120/240 V
240 V / 480 V
United States Virgin Islands190 V60Hz3,4
Uruguay380 V50Hz3
Uzbekistan380 V50Hz4
Vanuatu400 V50Hz3,4
Venezuela120 V60Hz3,4
Vietnam380 V50Hz4
Virgin Islands (British)190 V60Hz3,4
Virgin Islands (United States)190 V60Hz3,4
Wales400 V50Hz4
Yemen400 V50Hz4
Zambia400 V50Hz4
Zimbabwe 415 V50Hz3,4