What are the factors that affect the cold store quotation?

- Jun 20, 2019-

At present, there are many cold storage manufacturers, and the price of cold storage is also different. The storage requirements for the storage and pre-cooling of agricultural and sideline products, medicinal materials, foods, and fine chemical raw materials such as fruits, vegetables, food, and flowers are different, and the prices of cold storage are also different. The cold storage manufacturer tells you some factors that affect the cold storage price. You can buy a cold storage with high cost performance according to the expected cost and the specific needs of the cold storage.

1. Cold storage configuration: The refrigeration compressors used in the construction of cold storage are different, and the price will be much worse. Natural quotes with high configuration and large cold storage area will be high.

2, frozen goods: specific cold storage, frozen things are different, cold storage quotes are also different. The prices of fruits, vegetables, food, flowers, agricultural and sideline products, medicinal materials, food, and fine chemical raw materials vary greatly. The price of the goods themselves is high, and the demand for high ambient temperature is also high.

3, the storage of goods: the amount of storage of the product will naturally change with the price of frozen products, the storage is large, the cold storage price is naturally high.

4, freezing temperature: the temperature of the cooling needs to be different, the price is also different.

5. Structure: Common cold storage structures include steel structure storage, reinforced concrete storage and quick-load cold storage. The structure of the cold storage is different, and the construction price is different. Generally, the price of the cold storage warehouse is low.