When Can I Get My Money Back If I Invest A Block Ice Factory?

- Sep 09, 2019-

The block ice machine is one of the ice making machines. The ice blocks produced are the largest in size and have a small contact area with the outside world and are not easily melted. It can be pulverized into various forms of ice according to different requirements. Suitable for ice sculpture, ice storage, sea fishing, etc. It can be used in all places where ice is used after crushing. However, after the ice is crushed, it will partially melt and the amount of ice will be lost. Ice blocks can be divided into transparent ice blocks, milky white ice blocks and colored ice blocks.


If you are interested in investing a ice block machine, one of the problem you have to ask yourself is: When can I get my investment back? In this article, we’ll take our Philippines client’s ice factory as an example, and give you the answer.


Brief introduction of the client: He has a 60 tons / day block ice factory, each block is 100kg. And the machine is powered by diesel generator.

60 ton block ice machine

Calculation bases:

1. Generator can change 1L oil to 3.3 KW.h electric power

2. Oil price: 30 Pesos/L

3. Ice price: 3 Pesos/kg

4. Labor price: 450 Pesos/8h, 8h/day

5. Working time: 8 months/year, 6 days/week, 4 weeks/month

6. Exchange rate: Pesos : USD =52 : 1

7. Operator: 4

8. Because of some uncertain reasons, we consume 85% ice can be sold successfully

9. Yearly maintenance cost: 10,000US$

10. The machine costs is 210,000US$ totally

Now, let's check the detail calculation:

block ice factory investment

Now, you can see, all the investment can be back within the 1st year. What’s amazing is that he can gain US$109000 in the 1st year!

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