County Magistrate Of Xincheng Visited COLDMAX

- Apr 15, 2020-

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On Tuesday, April 14, 2020, Li Zhaohui, County magistrate of Xincheng County, Laibin City, Guangxi, along with four other county leaders (Chen Wenlian, Fan Zhenzhong, Lan Naif, Su Yangjun) and others visited our company and discussed key issues-Xincheng County The industrialization of waxy corn and representatives of several companies such as our company Mo have started consultations and discussions. County Chief Li and the leaders of the relevant agricultural departments appreciated the entire industrialization plan we gave, and finally reached a contract of several million yuan.

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The solution provided by COLDMAX:

1.     Step 1: turning the arable land and raising it.

2.     Step 2: sowing. This step is the premise of whether all the following steps can be fully mechanized: only the machine walks straight, the planter shoots straight, and the crop grows into a straight line. After the weeder enters the farmland, it will not hurt the crops by mistake, irrigation and fertilization can be more precise, and each plant can not be missed during harvesting. The agricultural GPS vehicle automatic driving system independently developed by COLDMAX, with centimeter-level error, ensures the straightness of sowing. In addition, COLDMAX's self-developed belt planter and vacuum planter can achieve near quasi-sowing according to the difference of crop seeds, saving seeds!

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3.     Step 3: weeding. COLDMAX newly developed rotary tiller weeder

4.     Step 5: Irrigation, Fertilization, Insecticidal-COLDMAX's independently developed and produced translational sprinkler irrigation system and drip irrigation system

5.     Step 5: Harvest

6.     Part 6: Cold chain preservation-COLDMAX vacuum pre-cooler, cold storage, ice maker, etc.

7.     Step 7: Weighing the packaging

8.     Step 8: Marketing

Follow the party's command and follow the party! Helping the government solve difficult problems in the process of agricultural industrialization is the responsibility and mission of COLDMAX!

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