Delivery Of A 500sqm Cold Storage Room Project

- Aug 24, 2019-

From Aug. 13th to Aug. 16th, 6 units of 40 feet containers were delivered from our factories. These goods are for a complete cold room project for processing and storing of and meat products! And the covered area is about 500sqm.

cold room sandwich panels

As required by the clients

  • 1.       Mineral wool cold room sandwich panels are adopted to be as wall & roof heat insulation;

  • 2.       XPS panels will be used for floor heat insulation and will be buried under the concrete floor;

  • 3.       Germany Bitzer compressor working with COLDMAX air-cooled condenser will be installed outdoor as the condensing units, R404a is the refrigerant;

  • 4.       Evaporators will be fastened indoor to exchange heat and pull down room temperature to desired temperature;

  • 5.       Electric control box fitting with temperature controller and LS electric parts are used to precisely control cold room temperature with easy operation;

  • 6.       Box iron will be as the supporting structures for the whole cold storage room project.

  • 7.       All the other related accessories are also derived. Including copper pipes, PVC pipes, joints, welding ribs, cables, etc..


The client is expected to receive all these 6 containers of cold room materials 1 month later. And then, we’ll assign our service team to help and guide the installation work, until everything is finished.cold room panels

 Tips: The client are strongly not suggest to use mineral wool as the heat insulation if the target room temperature is lower than 0℃. In this case, the suggested material is PU material. Because PU has much better heat-insulating property than mineral wool. In addition, mineral wool is easy to absorb condensing water or vapor, which will decrease the heat-insulating property further and no good for the service life as well.


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