Global Epidemic Outbreak, Analysis Of European Fruit And Vegetable Market (Part 1/2)

- Apr 01, 2020-

At present, there is a large outbreak of the new crown virus in the world. In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, various European countries have to block the entire territory. At present, the logistics of various countries are facing tremendous pressure. There are not enough cargo truck drivers, high demand for seafarers, and reduced air transport flights. Mohammed Esa, European chief commercial officer of the global logistics group Agility, said: "Under normal circumstances, it could be by air or land in two or three days It takes twice as long to wait for shipment. "Some logistics companies also said that more and more airlines are shutting down services, which is not conducive to the transportation of important materials such as pharmaceuticals and fresh food. But it has increased the cost of time, and some are still waiting for flights, but the freight has doubled.

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The fruit and vegetable industry has been severely affected. Some suppliers in Europe have reminded that because the epidemic situation has hindered the normal circulation and normal harvest of fruits and vegetables, fresh fruits and vegetables will be very tight on the market in the future. Although some supermarkets in Europe say they have sufficient agricultural products, the main shipping destinations of fruits and vegetables such as South Africa and Europe are facing a supply crisis.


Hans Muylaert-Gelein, general manager of Fruits Unlimited, a South African fruit company, said: "Now things are getting worse, more and more flights are grounded, logistics will cause a lot of trouble. Even fruits with long shelf life, such as citrus Such fruits may also face difficulties due to the suspension of production of containers made in China some time ago. "

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