Global Epidemic Outbreak, Analysis Of European Fruit And Vegetable Market ( Part 2/2)

- Apr 03, 2020-


Luis Marin, general manager of Spain's Asociafruit, said the cost of shipping has shifted to farmers. Previously we transported a cart of oranges, and the driver would compensate for the return trip by transporting other goods from the local area. However, many industries have stopped production and no goods have been returned. Producers have to pay a two-way freight, and costs have risen sharply. On the other hand, the borders of various countries have strengthened control, and entry and exit need to wait for a long time, which has affected the freshness of fresh food arrival. Asociafruit represents producers and exporters of fruits, vegetables, flowers and plants in the Andalusia region of southern Spain.

 COVID-19 (2)

It is reported that oranges, lemons and other fruits rich in vitamin c are in great demand in Europe. In addition, root vegetables, carrots, cabbage and other nutrient-rich vegetables have been hoarded. European retailers are watching this market dynamic closely. A spokesman for Germany's largest retail supermarket, Oleqi, said that their supermarkets have sufficient fruit and vegetable supplies and the supply chain is normal. They will evaluate the fruit and vegetable sales in real time every day. A spokesperson for another retail giant Tesco in Britain believes that it is impossible to make any evaluation of the current supply of fruits and vegetables, but the demand has increased significantly, and many shelves have been sold out. In the coming period, the supply of fruits and vegetables in the European market will be in crisis.

global vegetables supply (2)

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