How Much Money Can Be Done In The Fruit Cold Room?

- Jun 30, 2019-

The cost of cold storage of fruits and vegetables mainly depends on the specific length, width and height of the cold storage. For example, a cold storage of fruits and vegetables of about 300 cubic meters, cold storage temperature requires refrigeration and preservation, the price is about 10-14 million. Different cold storage construction requirements will result in different quotations, and different cold storage company quotations will also be different. The most important thing is that the cold storage industry mainly provides detailed request information, so that the cold storage design and installation company can provide more accurate prices.

The most important issue before the fruit and vegetable cold storage is to determine the location of the cold storage.

For fruit and vegetable cold storage, it is best to establish water and land transportation hubs in large and medium-sized cities and large populations, which are specially used for storing foods for regulating the seasons, ensuring market supply, providing foreign trade exports and long-term storage.

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Fruit and vegetable cold storage temperature requirements:

The cold storage temperature of fruits and vegetables adopts the cold storage preservation technology. The size selection of the unit must be controlled well during the design of the cold storage, so that the temperature in the cold storage can be controlled accurately. As a short-term storage of clean vegetable products, the temperature in the general cold storage should be controlled at 2~4 °C. For vegetables that are susceptible to cold damage (such as cucumber, zucchini, bitter gourd, etc.), it can be placed in a cold storage of 5~7 °C, or take Cover the quilt and other insulation measures to prevent the vegetables from being frozen. Garlic, broccoli and other aging vegetables should be placed in the library around 0 °C. In order to ensure the quality of the finished vegetables, avoid temperature changes, respiratory metabolism is enhanced, vegetable dressing and filming should also be carried out at 2~5 °C.