Meet Us On 2020 Edible Mushroom Industry Chain (Xiamen) Innovation Expo

- Nov 13, 2020-

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The Year of the Gengzi Rat has experienced the baptism of the epidemic, and all walks of life are facing a process of reshuffling. When most people are still talking about the impact of the epidemic on the economy and life, we choose to bravely meet the challenge and create new opportunities in the edible fungus industry.

  The 2020 Edible Mushroom Industry Chain (Xiamen) Innovation Expo hosted by the China Chamber of Commerce for Foodstuffs, Native Produce and Livestock Import and Export and undertaken by Xiamen Weishi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. will be held in Xiamen Fliport Convention and Exhibition Center from November 19-21, 2020.

   Innovation is the eternal theme of this grand event. We will dig deeper into the actual needs of the entire industry chain of the edible fungus industry, and strive to create a brand new international first-class edible mushroom industry chain communication platform through more rich and exciting professional exhibitions, professional forums or dialogues, and professional project docking, and lead the edible fungus industry Wind direction.

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 In this joyous industry gathering, every company that participates in the fast track of China's edible fungus industry chain will have the opportunity to become the brightest star under the spotlight.

   The first round of notice of this expo is now announced as follows:

   1. Event Name: 2020 Edible Mushroom Industry Chain (Xiamen) Innovation Expo

   2. Event time: November 19-21, 2020

  Exhibitor registration and installation: November 17-18

  Registration for the conference: November 18

   3. Activity location:

   Xiamen Fliport Convention and Exhibition Center

   Address: No. 2480, Huandao East Road, Huli District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province

   Tel: 0592-3962666


   Fourth, the activity goal: to create a new world-class edible fungus industry chain communication platform

   5. The purpose of the activity:

   1. "Don't forget the original aspiration, keep in mind the mission", and continue to promote the edible fungus industry in our country to vacate the cage, change the bird, and transform and upgrade;

   2. How to grow good mushrooms? How to sell good mushrooms? How to reflect the value of mushrooms

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