The 1st Station In Russia: Installation & Training For A New 6 Pallets Vacuum Cooling System

- Jul 29, 2019-

In the early morning of 24/07/2019, we arrived the city. After a short rest, the client drove us to the factory site, and we saw the machine: It is air-cooled and integrated, which means the installation would be very easy---just need to connect the power supply.

vacuum cooling system in Russia

Under our guidance, and thanks to the client has all kind of tools, the power was connected within 1 day. And we started the machine successfully without any problem. In order to examine the performance of the vacuum cooling machine, we used several pallets of celery to do the commissioning. The testing result was satisfactory: The celery was cooled down from 28 degree to 2 degree in 26mins.

vacuum cooling vegetables

In the following, we trained the operators how to run the machine rightly and explained the meaning of each parameter. And the maintenance was only about the vacuum pump: change oil and filters regularly.


There was a misunderstanding: The client wanted to use the vacuum cooler on potato. The fact is that: vacuum cooling technology is not suitable for massive products, like carrots, potato, and tomato. This is decided by the working principle of vacuum cooling technology.

In order to help extend the shelf-life maximumly, some tips are given to the client on the steps of vegetables processing:

1.       Harvesting

2.       Vacuum cooling: The key is: vacuum cooling immediately (2 ~ 3 hours for instance) after harvesting. The faster, the better!)

3.       Cut, pick, wash and pack in cold room


PS: In order to shorten the time between step 1 and 2, some client prefer mobile model.


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vacuum cooler in russia