The 2nd Station In Russia: Free Maintenance For A 6 Pallets Vacuum Cooling Machine

- Aug 26, 2019-

On Jul. 28th, we finished the task in the 1st station, and on Jul. 29th, we went go to the next. This client’s factory is close to the 1st station. They are also using a 6 pallets model vacuum cooler, which was installed in 2018. The machine was designed based on European pallet specification (L*W=1.2*0.8m).

 vacuum fast cooling machine

When we saw this machine for the 1st sight, the condition was not good.

a)   The electric box was a mess;

b)   The parameters were set inappropriately;

c)   One of the vacuum pump was working with un-normal and upset voice;

d)   Unsuitable products (carrots) were in vacuum cooling;

e)   The oil of one vacuum pump was not enough;

 vacuum precooling machine

Focusing on the above problem, our technician worked with their technician to solve one by one: Checked the circuits, reset the parameters via the touch screen, explained the working principle of vacuum cooling technology, told them to add new oil, communicated with the vacuum pump manufacturer to find out the real problem of the pump.


Indeed, the above problems can be avoided if the machine has been installed by our technician. Hence, we strongly suggested all the clients:

1)   Please invite our technician for the installation. When our people is in site, we’ll not only help installation, but also train you the operation and maintenance, and explain you why.

2)   If the client instead on install the machine by themselves, their technician, or their local refrigerating technician, please communicate with us during all the process. What’s more, read the <Operation Manual> before operation!


Limited by the time, we have not finished all the potential problems of the vacuum pump. But in order to make sure the vacuum cooling system is in a good condition, we've promised the client they would be informed when we got feedback from the vacuum pump manufacturer.

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vacuum cooling system

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