The 3rd Station In Russia: Free Maintenance For 2 Units Of 6 Pallets Mushroom Vacuum Cooler

- Aug 29, 2019-


On Jul. 31st, we flied to Moscow from the South of Russia. After about 4 hours driving, we came to the 3rd station, where there are 2 units of 6 pallets model vacuum cooler. These 2 machines were installed in 2017 and were used for Mushroom Vacuum Cooling Machine.


The good news is that the operators were running the machines strictly as trained when installation. However, after more than 1 years’ running, the vacuum pumps also need some maintenance: Change pump oil and filters at the same time. And the following is the detail inspection report.


The following is the inspection results:

1.       The vacuum pump oil for this machine (Pic 1) shall be changed as soon as possible: The oil in one vacuum pump is already lower than the MIN level. As you can see in Pic 2.

mushroom vacuum cooling

  •     The needed oil is Mobil or Shell #68 vacuum pump oil is Okay.

  •     Each pump needs about 10L. The oil level shall not higher than the MAX level and lower than the MIN level.

2.       The vacuum pump filters for Pic 1 shall be changed at the same time. As we can see in Pic 3, a lot of oil was founded on the floor. It means time to change filters!

  •     Each pump needs 4 filters: 3 pcs air-exhaust filters and 1 pcs oil filters.

3.       Suggestion: Make the vacuum chamber as full as possible!

The machine is designed to process 2100kg per cycle (350kg/pallet). However, the load is too small, vacuum chamber is even less than 50% full. As we can see in Pic 4. The compressor was keep working only on 25% load. It’s a waste of energy.

mushroom vacuum cooler

At last, many appreciate for the hospitality! 

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