Wagri 2019 Guangzhou World Agriculture Expo

- Oct 02, 2019-

Under the constant stalemate in Sino-US trade negotiations and the complex and volatile multilateral trade, China has gradually opened up its imports of foreign agricultural products, demonstrating the confidence and responsibility of big countries. At present, as the world's largest consumer country, under the "One Belt, One Road" policy, agricultural products from various countries have seized the Chinese market; many agricultural products such as Turkish cherries, Pakistani mangoes, and Indian bananas have been approved to enter the Chinese market this year. In order to seize the policy opportunities and quickly open up the Chinese market, the agricultural authorities of nearly 20 countries actively organized a group to take advantage of the platform of the “Wagri 2019 Guangzhou World Agriculture Expo” (Chinese abbreviation: World Agricultural Association) held in Guangzhou on September 5. To promote the promotion of their unique agricultural products to Chinese buyers and consumers.

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“Wagri World Agricultural Association” was initiated and hosted by Aosheng Exhibition and co-sponsored by South China Agricultural University, Hong Kong Overseas Fruit and Vegetable Wholesalers Chamber of Commerce, Macao Vegetable Wholesalers Chamber of Commerce, Guangdong Pesticide Association and other units. The event was supported by China National Supply and Marketing Cooperation. The total support of the Science and Technology Promotion Center of the General Society, the Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the Guangdong Agricultural Exhibition Center, the Agricultural and Rural Department of Hebei Province, the Agricultural and Rural Department of Jiangxi Province, the Yan'an Fruit Industry Bureau, and the Jiangmen Agricultural and Rural Bureau. At the same time, the Expo has been supported and participated by more than 20 countries including the United Kingdom, Israel, Russia, Thailand, Malaysia, Greece, Iran, Pakistan, India, Peru, Zambia, Sri Lanka and Uruguay. The “Wagri World Farmers Association” will be held at the Poly World Trade Center Expo in Guangzhou from September 5 to 7, 2019. The scale of the exhibition will reach 20,000 square meters. The entire event will be divided into two special exhibition halls, namely the Agricultural Products Museum and the Planting Technology Museum.

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