What Are The Aspects Of Vegetable Cold Storage That Need Attention?

- Jun 30, 2019-

The production of cold storage naturally needs to consider many reasons. Now, the crop industry is developing very well. For a fruit grower, the concern is the cost of vegetable cold storage. If you need to build a cold storage, you should satisfy your own storage. So, what is the vegetable cold storage? Need to pay attention to?

Vegetable cold storage size

The size of vegetable cold storage often affects the cost of cold storage. The larger the area of vegetable cold storage, the more materials need to be used, and the effective cost of cold storage. The most important reason is that it is highly affected. In the case of the cold storage, the height of the cold storage is about 2.5 meters to 4 meters. If the cold storage required by the customer exceeds such a height, it will affect the cold storage cost. The higher the coldness, the more the cold storage has to be. Uniform temperature, then you must have years of experience in refrigeration installation, which will greatly increase the cost of cold storage.

Cold storage for potato (3)

Storage temperature

The vegetable cold storage is completely different from the cold storage of meat. During the construction of the meat cold storage, the temperature needs to be controlled below minus 18 degrees, but the vegetable cold storage often only needs about zero degrees, which is also the best temperature for storing vegetables. The same vegetables may also have corresponding differences in temperature. This factor will often lead to a certain impact on the cost of vegetable cold storage. Huixue Refrigeration said that the cost of vegetable cold storage is generally lower than that of meat cold storage.

Equipment aspect

If we choose international or imported smart brands in the process of building vegetables and cold storage, it will definitely increase the cost of cold storage. Refrigeration equipment includes cold storage insulation board, refrigeration unit, condenser, air cooler, cold storage temperature control system, and foreign imported refrigeration. The compressor market price is relatively high, but in the later stages of use, it can help us save a lot of unnecessary maintenance costs.

Vegetable cold storage cost analysis

There are many different classifications of vegetable cold storage costs. In the current market, there are at least 20,000 and the highest is hundreds of thousands. However, in the process of construction, we must combine the amount of vegetables we need to store for analysis. Smaller, it will lead to no way to store the goods in the cold storage, causing certain losses to themselves. If it is built too large, it will cause some waste in the cold storage. Only by making full use of the cold storage resources can the efficiency of the cold storage be improved. I hope that everyone will conduct a comprehensive analysis of the cost of vegetable cold storage.