What Should We Pay Attention To When Installing Ice Machine?

- Jun 10, 2019-

First, stay away from heat sources to avoid direct sunlight

Ice can be produced at a low temperature to a certain extent. If the outside temperature is too high, it will affect the production of ice, and it will cause the ice machine to be damaged due to poor heat dissipation. Therefore, the ice machine of the manufacturer of the ice machine is used. It should be noted that it is farther away from various heat sources, and it should be well ventilated to avoid the ambient temperature exceeding 40 degrees Celsius.

Second, the installation platform should be stable and strong

After purchasing the ice machine from a high-quality ice cube maker, it should be installed on a stable and sturdy platform. Because the ice machine has a large weight, it cannot support the ice machine for a long time if the platform is not strong. In addition, if the platform is unstable, the ice machine will not only have a lot of noise during operation but also may not dehydrate.

Third, need to use a separate standard power supply

Because the power of the ice machine is relatively large, at the time of installation, the manufacturer of the ice machine recommends that the enterprise configure an independent power supply that meets the national standard for the ice machine to avoid using a power supply with other equipment. In addition, in order to avoid the failure of the power supply, the ice machine should be faulty. It should also be configured with fuses and leakage protection switches to ensure that the voltage fluctuation of the ice machine does not exceed 10% of the rated voltage.