10 Ton Automatic Tube Ice Plant

1. Daily production: 10,000 kg / day
2. Power supply: 380V / 50Hz / 3P
3. Refrigerant: Freon (R404a, R134a, R22, etc.)
4. Cooling method: water cooling, or evaporative cooling (Recommended)
5. Evaporator: SUS304 stainless steel controlled evaporator (developed independently)
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Product Details

0 – 60 tons tube ice machine is available!

Tube ice machine introduce

Tube ice machine is a kind of ice machine. Named for its irregular shape of hollow tube shape, its hollow hole is 5mm~15mm cylindrical hollow tubular ice, the length is between 25mm~42mm, there are many sizes to choose from, ice outer diameters are: 22, 29, 32, 35mm, etc. The contact area is the smallest among the existing ice types in the market, and it has the best resistance to melting, which makes it suitable for the preparation, decoration, food ice preservation and the like of the drinking utensils, so most of them are edible ice.

Working principle of tube ice making


The water is distributed and sprayed by the sprinkler on the top of the evaporator drum, which flows by gravity through the inner surface of the seamless stainless steel duct tubes, while the internal space between the ducts is the circulation of the refrigerated refrigerant. Therefore, the water starts to transfer heat to the refrigerant through the conduction tubes, together with the temperature drop, finally it freezes in the ice tubes.

When ice tubes are manufactured, the PLC sends a signal to release hot refrigerant gas to the evaporator and a rapid melt is formed between the tubes and the ice tubes. Within the controlled defrosting time, the ice tubes begin to fall freely and then cut from the rotary cutter at the bottom. The ice tube of the desired length range is pushed through the ice outlet. The new ice production cycle returns for continuous production of ice in tubes.


Beverage cooling, food preservation, fishing boat aquatic preservation, laboratory and medical applications, etc.

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