5 Ton Stainless Steel Tube Ice Making Machine

1. Capacity: 5000kg / day
2. Power supply: 380V / 50Hz / 3P
3. Refrigerant: Freon (R404a, R134a, R22, ect)
4. Cooling method: cooled by air, cooled by air or evaporated
5. Evaporator: self-developed SUS304 stainless steel tube ice machine evaporator
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Product Details

0 – 60 tons tube ice machine (Freon system/ammonia system) is available!


General description

Tube ice is mainly used for consumption with a hollow tube shape and transparent, solid and without energy. There are many possible dimensions for COLDMAX tube ice machines. Our machines are built for industrial use and are designed to produce fresh and clean tube ice in a trouble-free manner. Compared to ice crystals, ice tubes have a longer melting time.

Main Features

◆ There are no requirements for skilled workers.

◆ High durability, minimal maintenance

◆ Efficiency, high energy efficiency

◆ Ice SUS304 stainless steel ice pipe

◆ Production capacity: 1, 000 Kgs / 24 H to 60 000 Kgs / 24 H

◆ Design, simple design / engineering

◆ Tank Pump (Water Pump): Centrifugal cast iron pumps circulate the amount of water that is frozen many times and is large enough to produce clear ice.

◆ Panel Control panel: Access to the automatic electrical system that operates on an annual basis to ensure the freezing and thawing sequence is accurate and reliable.

◆ Distributor of water supply: made of elastic material that creates continuous and continuous outer edge seal between the end of the pipe and the water dispenser

◆ Refrigerant: R22 / R404a

◆ Freezer: High quality stainless steel for all surfaces exposed to water and ice that are corrosion resistant and easy to clean.

◆ Cutter: The stainless steel cutter driven by the gear motor rotates the cutting motor and is specifically designed to produce cylindrical ice and crushed ice using the control panel switch to control the function.

◆ Cutter motor: Made from rugged design to provide reliable ice cutting service for many years.

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