8 Ton Commercial Industrial Tube Ice Machine

1. Daily output: 8000 kg / day
2. Power Supply: 380V / 50Hz / 3P
3. Evaporator: independently developed stainless steel SUS304 ice maker evaporator
4. Cooling method: water cooling, or evaporative cooling.
5. Refrigerant: freon (R404a, R134a, R22, etc.)
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0 – 60 tons tube ice machine is available!

The process of tube ice making


1. Water is distributed and sprayed from the sprinkler at the top of the evaporative drum,

2. The water flows under the action of gravity through the inner surface of the seamless stainless steel pipes.

3. In the inner space between these stainless steel pipes, there is a circulation of cooled refrigerant.

4. Consequently, water begins to exchange heat with the refrigerant through conductive tubes, along with a drop in temperature.

5. Finally, water is frozen to tube ice.

6. The PLC sends a signal to release a hot gaseous refrigerant to the evaporator, and a quick melt is formed between the pipes and the ice pipes.

7. During the controlled time of thawing, the ice tubes begin to fall freely and then are cut by a rotating ice-cutter at the bottom.

8. An ice tube of the desired length range is ejected through the ice outlet.

The above is a complete process of tube ice making.


Cooling products, freezing foods, a mixture of drinks or beverage, crushed ice, cooling fresh fish, making snow, cooling concrete.

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