Fresh Vegetables Vacuum Cooler Machine

1. Brand: COLDMAX
2. Origin: Made In China
3. HS Code: 841869
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1. Brand: COLDMAX

2. Origin: Made In China

3. HS Code: 841869

4. Vacuum chamber inner size: L*W*H=1.4*1.4*2.2m;

5. Processing capacity: 1 pallet (500kg) per cycle


What is vacuum cooling?

Vacuum cooling is the vacuum pumping of the fruits and vegetables in the vacuum chamber into the insulated vacuum chamber. When the corresponding water vapor, fruit and plant fiber gap surface water saturation pressure of the fruit and vegetable room temperature vacuum begins to evaporate, evaporation will vaporize the far latent heat, make the temperature of fruits and vegetables lower, and further down until the vegetables cool to the desired temperature. The water boils at atmospheric pressure at 100 °C. However, the pressure drops and the boiling point also decreases, which can reduce the boiling point of the water that can be obtained for the phenomenon, but in order to evaporate the water, it is necessary to absorb the heat.


Our honors

◆ 10 national patents,

◆ CE and CSA

◆ Awarded by Chinese government as Benchmarking Enterprises,

◆ Private Science & Technology Enterprises and Science & Technology Progress Award.

◆ And more


Why choose COLDMAX?

◆ Machines are approved by CE, CSA, BV, SGS, UL, etc.

◆ Screw type compressor with more cooling capacity and quite low failure rate.

◆ Temperature, time and vacuum running modes are available, practical for applications.

◆ Continuous welding on vacuum chamber, pressure resistance ability.

◆ Multiply projections, friendly interface and failure reminder function.

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