Auto Loading Hydro Cooling Machine

◆ Vacuum chamber: Carbon steel / SUS304 stainless steel
◆ Gas: R404a, R134a
◆ Cooling Way: Air-cooled / Evaporative cooling
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Auto loading hydro cooling machine

◆ Vacuum chamber: Carbon steel / SUS304 stainless steel

◆ Gas: R404a, R134a

◆ Cooling Way: Air-cooled / Evaporative cooling

◆ Quality guarantee: 12 months

◆ Production time: 60 working days

Home-delivery service is available

The main components of a Vacuum Cooler (2/2)


1. Control System

The installed control system is not complex and simple, operator just needs to start the vacuum cooling system simply by touching the “Start” button on the touch screen; and the system stops automatically when the preset target temperature is arrived.

The PLC system can be set to allow loop writing functions and the like. Regardless of the operating mode chosen, the enhanced security scheme makes sure that the system will shut down in a safe state if a monitoring device detects a malfunction.


2. Other optional systems, such as hydro cooling system, auto-conveying system.

It’s a common sense that the quality of all foods began to deteriorate after harvest, and then continued to decline. The main effect of collecting, processing, cooling and transporting vegetables and plants is to maintain the initial fresh quality as much as possible. In the case of vegetables, the quality is the result of the physiological and microbial activity of the harvested product. This deterioration is a result of time and temperature; simply put, the faster the cooling after harvest, the better the quality and the longer the shelf life.

Vacuum cooling is the means to achieve this goal.


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