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What vegetables/products are suitable for vacuum cooling?
All leafy vegetables, mushrooms and cut flowers.
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Question 1: What vegetables/products are suitable for vacuum cooling?

Answer 1: All leafy vegetables, mushrooms and cut flowers.

They include broccoli, asparagus, beans, Lima beans, cap, cabbage, carrots, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, celery, sweet corn, kale, chicory, onion, leek, lettuce, vanilla, kale, green leafy vegetables, Oriental vegetables, mushrooms, okra, fresh cut flowers, etc.

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Question 2: What are the advantages of vacuum coolers over refrigerators and cold rooms?

Answer 2: The most direct advantage is shelf life. Vacuum cooler can extend shelf life to 4-6 times. But for ordinary cold rooms, it's only twice. Check the following table:


Question 3: Which step should we use vacuum cooling system?

Answer 3: Recommended steps for vacuum cooling systemimage003

Question 4: Which model shall we choose?

Answer 4: Send us an inquiry or a message. We will contact you for more details and requirements. Then we will give our recommendation!

Question 5: Is a portable or mobile vacuum cooler available?

Answer 5: Sure. Machines can be mobile or movable. And according to your needs, provide more customized services.


Question 6: Who can help install a vacuum cooler? Is the installation easy?

Answer 6: Usually the installation is quite simple, the user just needs to connect electrical cables and connect a PVC water pipe to drain the water.

If necessary, we can assign our technician to help install and train operators!


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