2 Pallets Vacuum Cooler for Vegetables

1. Brand: COLDMAX
2. Origin: Made In China
3. HS Code: 841869
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1. Brand: COLDMAX

2. Origin: Made In China

3. HS Code: 841869

4. Vacuum chamber inner size: L*W*H=2.6*1.4*2.2m;

5. Door type: Hydraulic door


What is vacuum cooler?

Vacuum coolers are designed to cool vegetable products with high surface/volume ratios (such as lettuce, celery and other leafy vegetables) from room temperature to temperatures close to freezing point (2-3 degrees C).

The working principle of vacuum cooling is that when the pressure is reduced in the sealed chamber, the water in the product evaporates rapidly.


After-sales service

Ø Guarantees

A. All COLDMAX systems delivered to customers are carefully checked and tested and run for 72 hours without failures.

B. All COLDMAX systems delivered are plug-ins ready and well connected.

C. All COLDMAX systems are guaranteed 12 months from the date of the bill of lading.

Ø Technical support

a. COLDMAX provides comprehensive technical support and equipment installation.

B.7*24-hour technical support telephone assistance.

Ø Fault Claim Procedure

a. Detailed written fault description needs to be provided by fax or email with detailed description of relevant equipment information and faults.

B. Fault confirmation should provide relevant pictures.

C. COLDMAX engineering and after-sales service team will examine and form diagnostic reports.

D. Provide further troubleshooting solutions to customers within 24 hours after receiving written instructions and pictures.


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