Vacuum Dryer For Fruits

1. Material: SUS304 2. Ultimate vacuum degree: 5Pa 3. Refrigerant: R134a, R404a or ammonia 4. Processing capacity: Min. 10kg, Max. 300kg
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Vacuum Freeze dryer introduce:

Vacuum freeze-drying technology is a new drying method that freezes water-containing materials into solids and uses the sublimation performance of water under low temperature and low pressure conditions to dehydrate the materials at low temperature to achieve drying. As the vacuum freeze-drying technology is performed in a low-temperature and low-oxygen environment, most biological reactions are stagnant, and no liquid water is existing during the processing. The water is directly sublimated in a solid state, which protects the original structure and shape of the material to the greatest extent, and finally obtains the good appearance and high-quality dry products. At present, the vacuum freeze-drying technology has been widely used in many fields, especially in food processing to obtain high-quality dehydrated food.


1.      Food industry: Vacuum freeze-drying technology is mainly used in the food industry to dry coffee, vegetable leaves, fruit juice, pulp, strawberries, whole shrimp, meat and specialty vegetables. It can maintain the color, flavor, shape and nutrition of the food, which is convenient for long-term storage and transportation. Particularly suitable for the production of fast and nutritious food.

2.      Pharmaceutical industry: Vacuum freeze-drying technology can be used for dehydration and storage of plasma, vaccines, enzymes, antibiotics, and Chinese and Western medicines.

3.      Nutrition and health products: Vacuum freeze-drying technology can be used to dry royal jelly, pearl powder, ginseng, turtle powder, black ant powder and snake powder. It can preserve its nutritional ingredients and active ingredients for a long time to ensure the naturalness of nutrition and health products.

4.      Biological filed: the use of vacuum freeze-drying technology can preserve bacteria, arteries, bones, skin, cornea and nerve tissues and various organs for a long time. When in use, it can be regenerated by supplying water, maintaining its biochemical and physical properties.

5.      Other fields: such as aerospace insulation ceramics production, archeology field, specimen production, special material preparation, etc.

vacuum dried fruit (2)

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